Thursday, April 2, 2009

Alex McCord deflation

Alex McCord is the odd-man-out "Real Housewife of NYC." She and her she-man husband, Simon, are on the one had completely refreshingly honest about their desire to social climb by any means necessary (e.g., posing nude for anyone with a camera as at left) into any niche available.

They are completely transparent about their desire to appear wealthy in public yet they are also oddly unflinching about having people over to their rotting hovel in Brooklyn with its asphalt glass-strewn backyard ("Paradise" when they lie there in their inflatable pool) where they do their best to ignore their filthy screaming young children whom they force to speak French. Their fellow cast members are studies in debilitating insecurity bursting through barely papered together facades, yet Simon and Alex simply don't care about anything except becoming well-known.

Well, now poor Alex has been laid off. It will surprise most viewers to discover she worked.

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