Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Real Housewives Recap

Another Wednesday, another deliciously evil magical realist processing of RHoNYC by Richard of Gawker.

The highlight for me was watching Kelly (left) seethe to the point of combustion when Betheny sniped "you thinks you're Madonna or something" after Kelly was 45 minutes late for a meeting to organize a fundraiser and then apologized by declaring her name could not be used to promote said event.

Still livid a week later, Kelly demanded a meeting with Betheny. Arriving only 30 minutes late this time, Kelly cannot believe Betheny is irked and boils over in response. Betheny's problem is that she is not Kelly's friend, Kelly declares, because she acts like a child and kelly is sick of trying to parent her. GOOD DAY, Madam!

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