Monday, February 16, 2009

Mark Cuban's Plan

So Mark Cuban has this plan to do what he can to jump start the economy and, predictably, it's 25% simple, 25% inspirational, 50% obnoxious and 100% irresistible.

It's very hard not to suffer from an overweeningly delicious schadenfreude every time there's even a hint that some aspect of Cuban's life is not perfect, complete, and gold-plated. He's clearly talented etc., but his home run was to create a company called in 1998 which he sold to Yahoo in 1999 for a pile of paper called Yahoo common stock worth $5.9B when Cuban promptly sold his shares just before the market crashed and they lost 90% of their value.

So, while if we were being completely honest we'd have to admit we sorta want Mark to flop flat on his face, but mostly we love this idea and we can't stop watching anything he does anyway.

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