Saturday, February 7, 2009

Are we...friends?

It seems to me the word "friend" is undergoing a radical shift in meaning due to Facebook and other social networks. As of this writing, for example, I have 625 Facebook "friends." Almost all of these are people I actually know in some fashion although a few are random cute guys who have "friended" me out of the blue and, because I have very little self-esteem, I am happy to friend back. Actually, I'm not even sure "friend" is the right verb. I think people might use "facebook" as in "he facebooked me." I tweet, really, so I have no idea.

What follows is an incomplete guide to which Facebook friends I actually consider to be real-life friends:

- If we share a house on Fire Island, then we are probably friends.
- If we had a one-night stand on Mardi Gras Day 19XX and have just rediscovered one another on Facebook, we are probably NOT friends.

More to come....

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